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Motivation in Teaching Powerpoint

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So–Have We Forgotten…Already?

Our nation has lost its right to maintain and keep the second amendment; We are collectively unable to responsibly legislate appropriate safeguards–such as the ban on assault weapons enacted under the Clinton administration–as well as proper background checks (both criminal and psychological) or limits on amounts of ammo one can purchase or possess at one … Continue reading

“Drift”: A Quick Review

I highly recommend the book, Drift (2012) by political commentator/host Rachel Maddow. In it Maddow introduces and defines an intriguingly cogent argument for the increasing detachment the United States’ civilian population feels towards the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars as well as towards the armed services, in general. Using incredibly compelling evidence, Maddow cites the U.S. … Continue reading

Our Childish Selves

Just a thin piece of tissue separates our adult selves from our childhood selves. A piece of tissue that lingers, woven and threaded, bordering on a realization nearly achieved by adolescence and coming into full fruition at young adulthood. At that time the tissue is strong, decorous and resilient to attack of consciousness both social … Continue reading

Ms. Magazine | Top Ten Historic Advances for Women Now at Risk

Ms. Magazine | Top Ten Historic Advances for Women Now at Risk.

What I’m Currently Reading…

    The Great Filth:The War Against Disease in Victorian England (Halliday 2007) Drift: The UnMooring of American Military Power (Maddow 2012) Religion For Atheists: A Non-Believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion (de Botton 2012) Finished Disability & the Media: Prescriptions for Change (2005) by Charles Riley ll. The Murder of the Century: The … Continue reading

Noam Chomsky/William F. Buckley, circa 1969

Moon Abstracts

Rebecca G. Agee Dr. Shannon Mattern Understanding Media Studies, Section 6762 25 October 2008 O’ Neil, Edward N. “Cynthia and the Moon.” Classical Philology 53.1 (1958): 1-8. Abstract O’Neil’s article is an analysis of the conflict concerning the use of the name “Cynthia” within the elegies of Augustinian poet Propertius—and its subsequent parallel equation with … Continue reading

Observations of History

When it comes to assessing a ‘good’ definition of history there are multiple answers, reactions and interpretations.  The fact that history is not a staid entity—but an ever-evolving, dynamic process probably contributes to this lack of consensus, even among some of its most noted scholars. The often ambiguous and confusing ideas regarding the many manifestations … Continue reading

Gender and Typing in the 2008 Election

The media often displays modes of representation that both perpetuate and reflect the bias and stereotyping that is pervasive through out Western culture. In the 2008 presidential election, these stereotypes were chiefly expressed through the media’s representations of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. During the primaries, Clinton held the stage on equal footing with her … Continue reading