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So–Have We Forgotten…Already?

Our nation has lost its right to maintain and keep the second amendment; We are collectively unable to responsibly legislate appropriate safeguards–such as the ban on assault weapons enacted under the Clinton administration–as well as proper background checks (both criminal and psychological) or limits on amounts of ammo one can purchase or possess at one time…Our laws, our ‘rights’ have not kept up with our ever-increasing culture of violence. No law, no amendment, is set in stone. Our constitution is an ever-evolving document–this is the beauty as well as the foundation of a democracy. Nothing legal is permanent–at least not in a republic founded on democratic principles and freedom. Our founders knew this and set up our system in such a way as to evolve and progress along with American cultural norms and mores; a solid, true foundation is one that not only survives tweaks and changes to its being, but thrives and improves as a result. Our nation has changed its mind, its laws about many things over the course of its existence: miscegenation; the disenfranchisement of African-Americans, women; prohibition and child labor are but a few of the legal ‘rights’ (directly or indirectly) that our nation once supported, but which upon reflection–and empowered by the flexibility of our constitution–thankfully, eradicated. It is time to do the same with the second amendment.


About ageer370

I'm in my final semester as a grad student of media studies, I'm also 'Mom' to my 15-year-old autistic son. My interests are film history--its analysis and criticism; the art of rhetoric as well as cultural history from about the Edwardian period to the present.


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