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“Drift”: A Quick Review

I highly recommend the book, Drift (2012) by political commentator/host Rachel Maddow. In it Maddow introduces and defines an intriguingly cogent argument for the increasing detachment the United Statescivilian population feels towards the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars as well as towards the armed services, in general. Using incredibly compelling evidence, Maddow cites the U.S. post-Cold War mentality (What next? Who is the enemy, now?), a history of ‘power play’ between the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government regarding the right to declare a war–and the profiteers behind the recent phenomenon of privatizing war with the use of such corrupt ‘professional’ soldier services as the former Blackwater USA (now Academi) ; All of these—including some surprising (in) actions  by persons both behind and within the public scene–serve as players in this true tale of why we have lost the American citizen-soldier and with that loss, the civilization-citizen connection with our nation’s warfare. Maddow’s voice and humanizing commentary ring sharply throughout the book—and I, literally, could not put it down.


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I'm in my final semester as a grad student of media studies, I'm also 'Mom' to my 15-year-old autistic son. My interests are film history--its analysis and criticism; the art of rhetoric as well as cultural history from about the Edwardian period to the present.


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