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Observations of History

When it comes to assessing a ‘good’ definition of history there are multiple answers, reactions and interpretations.  The fact that history is not a staid entity—but an ever-evolving, dynamic process probably contributes to this lack of consensus, even among some of its most noted scholars. The often ambiguous and confusing ideas regarding the many manifestations … Continue reading

Gender and Typing in the 2008 Election

The media often displays modes of representation that both perpetuate and reflect the bias and stereotyping that is pervasive through out Western culture. In the 2008 presidential election, these stereotypes were chiefly expressed through the media’s representations of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. During the primaries, Clinton held the stage on equal footing with her … Continue reading

Norman Mailer and Marshall McLuhan, circa 1968

Marshall McLuhan and Norman Mailer, circa 1968