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Books I Want to Read or Buy

Books I Want to Read or Buy:

Semiotics for Beginners–Chandler

Visual Literacy–Paul Messaris

1968–by Tom Brokaw

That Campaign book by Chris Matthews

Harp Song for a Radical–Marguerite Young

Techniques of the Observer–Craig

American Technological Sublime–Nye

The Reckoning–Habersham?

The Forever War

Hot, Flat and Crowded–Tom Friedman


About ageer370

I'm in my final semester as a grad student of media studies, I'm also 'Mom' to my 15-year-old autistic son. My interests are film history--its analysis and criticism; the art of rhetoric as well as cultural history from about the Edwardian period to the present.


2 thoughts on “Books I Want to Read or Buy

  1. I have been really interested in two new books lately and am anxiously awaiting my amazon order to arrive! They are THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE by David Wroblewski and THE WHITE TIGER by Aravind Adiga which recently won the Man Booker Prize,

    Posted by Pam | October 20, 2008, 3:52 pm
  2. Hey I think I might need to finish reading the Obama book you have and the Mccain book Jason got me ya think 🙂

    Posted by Melissa Shores | October 21, 2008, 2:38 am

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