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Animal Crackers in my Political Soup

Having had a 24-hour moratorium on what has essentially become the ‘silly season’ in the realm of American presidential politics—where lipstick-enhanced pigs fly and fight along side steaming hot bowls of moose stew and other diversionary tactics for sound bytes within a cable news culture—perhaps we can finally address some of the real issues and problems with Governor  ‘Pit Bull’ Palin as a probably not-so-well-vetted vee pee candidate.  The boring (boaring?) yet critical (read REAL) problems with Palin include not only her obvious lack of familiarity with the Bush Doctrine—but perhaps more tellingly—her sheepish/mulish attempts to bluff (weasel) her way through was clearly a gaping lack of knowledge when queried by ABC’s Charlie Gibson.  The begging question: Would Palin attempt this sort of ‘cat and mouse’ charade as she’s discussing global issues with world leaders for fear that her lack of experience and knowledge may become blatantly, embarrassingly—dangerously—obvious?
Further, one has to wonder about Pitbull Palin’s understanding of our nation’s fundamental principal of the separation of church and state.  If Governor Palin’s god’s plan includes the Alaskan Pipeline—what else does he or she have in the works for our country? For the world? Of all the arguments, criticisms, qualms and frailties surrounding Ms. Palin—it is this that is most terrifying: Her belief that she represents and speaks for God…With whose God does Sarah Palin have such a prophetic, pro-active relationship? The God of Abraham? Mohammed?  St. Thomas Aquinas? Your  God? My God?


About ageer370

I'm in my final semester as a grad student of media studies, I'm also 'Mom' to my 15-year-old autistic son. My interests are film history--its analysis and criticism; the art of rhetoric as well as cultural history from about the Edwardian period to the present.


3 thoughts on “Animal Crackers in my Political Soup

  1. Okay I know that we do not agree on this matter 🙂 but I will say it was nicely written.


    Posted by Melissa Shores | September 19, 2008, 11:56 pm
  2. Well, since you wrote this article on Sept. 13, I think we have begun to see even more how ill prepared Mrs. Palin is to take on the Vice Presidency of the United States. I think there is a lot about govenment she does not understand or else she has decided to model her perception of our government to fit her personal agenda whatever that may be. I think it is indeed scary to envision this woman to be, as they say, a heartbeat away from being at the helm of this wonderful country of ours.

    Posted by Pam | October 20, 2008, 3:59 pm
  3. I seriously value all the tough labor you have devoted to keeping this
    blog going for your followers. I seriously hope this stays around for a long time.

    Posted by Priyadarshini Soman | August 5, 2012, 2:11 pm

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