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The ‘Texture’ of Television

After a week of reading and discussing Marshall McLuhan I got to thinking about the possible ‘physical’ texture of certain television shows. Having dreamed about “The Andy Griffith Show”—I woke up this morning considering its ‘texture.’ I’ve conferred a rough feeling texture to Andy Griffith—something consisting of a loose, coarse weave– like sackcloth.  Then I … Continue reading

The Autistic Experience

The Autistic Experience: Communication on its Own Terms One of the most outstanding and defining aspects of classic autism is the delay or total absence of typical human communication development, with vocal channels usually the most adversely effected (DeVito 9). Many nuances of the human information processes that are necessary for successful communication—such as perception, … Continue reading

Animal Crackers in my Political Soup

Having had a 24-hour moratorium on what has essentially become the ‘silly season’ in the realm of American presidential politics—where lipstick-enhanced pigs fly and fight along side steaming hot bowls of moose stew and other diversionary tactics for sound bytes within a cable news culture—perhaps we can finally address some of the real issues and … Continue reading

The Heart of the Matter

27 April, 2008 Abstract The cholesterol-lowering agent Lipitor, produced by the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company, is the biggest selling drug in the world. Over the past few years, Pfizer has been using an ad campaign featuring artificial heart developer Dr. Robert Jarvik. The series of television and internet-based ads show Jarvik discussing his interest in heart … Continue reading